Conference on Faith and Science (COFAS) at ASU

Arizona Center for Christian Studies

The Conference on Faith and Science (COFAS) will take place on Friday evening, March 22, and all day on Saturday, March 23, at ASU Tempe. The conference theme is “Pursuing Science and Christian Faith for Human Flourishing.” University students, professors, clergy, and professionals in STEM are invited to attend.

Keynote speakers are Professors Stephen Barr (University of Delaware), James Buizer (University of Arizona), Greg Cootsona (California State University at Chico), Georgia Dunston (Howard University), Fr. Paul Gabor (University of Arizona), Philip Kurian (Howard University), Jonathan Lunine (Cornell), Don Page (University of Alberta), Leslie Wickman (California Baptist University), and Everett Worthington (Virginia Commonwealth University).

COFAS is your opportunity to engage with Christians in the fields of:
(1) Biological, Biomedical, and Health Sciences
(2) Engineering and Technology
(3) Environmental Sciences and Sustainability
(4) Historical, Philosophical, and Theological Studies of Faith and Science
(5) Physical and Molecular Sciences / Astronomy and Cosmology
(6) Psychological, Behavioral, and Social Sciences.

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COFAS is sponsored by the Arizona Center for Christian Studies, by Christian student organizations and faculty members at Arizona State University, Grand Canyon University, University of Arizona , University of Mary and other colleges and universities, and by the American Scientific Affiliation (, and Veritas Forum ( COFAS is made possible through the support of an award from the Conversations in Community project of the Office for Science, Theology, and Religion (STAR) Initiatives at Fuller Theological Seminary ( The opinions expressed are those of the presenters and do not necessarily reflect the views of Fuller Seminary, the Conversations in Community project, or other sponsors.